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How’s your sleep?

Did you know that more than half of the people that have Obstructive Sleep Apnea have no idea there is anything wrong and there are dental signs first? Dr. Derrick has been on a journey since she cracked two teeth (one ultimately was extracted due to the cracking) as to how she can help prevent this from happening to other patients. She was told as a child she needed her tonsils removed and suffered from Strep Throat multiple times each year, especially into her mid-20s. She found that she had OSA due to these oversized “kissing” tonsils, which caused her to be overly tired daily, and caused the cracking of her teeth and severe grinding that started in childhood. In July of last year, she had her tonsils removed by Dr. Greg Tarasidas and has been sleeping great ever since!

If you have been experiencing non-restorative sleep, constant bags under your eyes, or chronic breaking of teeth, give Dr. Derrick a call!

Susan Tallman